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Who we are

Lucid Linx is a management consulting company gathering an interdisciplinary team of Bosnian and Herzegovinian and international professionals and bringing together academic qualifications and professional experience from Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad. Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of the challenging legal, political, administrative and business conditions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and wider. Its key strengths include the ability to adapt tailor-made solutions which fit the local needs and beneficiaries best, perform complex set of data analyses, develop evidence-based solutions and adapt international practices to the given environments.

We work across the public sector with stakeholders from international organisations, donor agencies, government institutions and members of civil society. Lucid Linx provides support to our clients in identifying their goals and objectives, performing analyses, developing realistic strategies and implementation plans, implementing effective solutions that ensure sustainable results and performing monitoring and evaluation services of the implemented solutions.  Since its establishment, Lucid Linx has worked on dozens of projects in the sectors of rule of law, justice, anti-corruption and EU integration.

Our Philosophy


Lucid Linx provides technical assistance and project management for development projects in the public sector. We work in partnerships with policy makers and practitioners from the public sector to advance governance and improve service delivery to citizens.


Reforms require change. Those who embrace change are always one step ahead. We strive to help institutions change before they have to.

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    Nina Karađinović
    Senior Consultant

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